Professor Adrian Franklin, Visiting Scholar, to present seminar

Professor Adrian Franklin, Professor of Sociology, School of Sociology and Social Work, University of Tasmania and visiting scholar will present a Geography seminar on "An improper nature?  Introduced animals and 'species cleansing’ in Australia" on the 9th February, 1pm in Harrison 171.

Author of numerous books including ‘Animals and modern cultures’, ‘City life’, ‘Animal Nation’, ‘Collecting the 20th Century’, ‘Nature and Social Theory’

An improper nature?  Introduced animals and 'species cleansing’ in Australia

This paper investigates the social and cultural content to ‘eradication thinking’ and ‘eradication programs’ (species cleansing’) for introduced species in Australia.  What is held up by science, governmental bodies, environmental organisations and State Parks and Wildlife departments to be a purely scientific and ecological (natural) imperative is exposed to contain themes of nationalism and social exclusivity.  This content is then analysed and explained using a sociological analysis of postcolonial Australia in which introduced species can be identified first as the heroic triumph of a British colonial culture, acclimatised against all the odds to replace an ‘inferior’ indigenous nature; second, as unwanted Other to native species which then became the totemic centre of newly forming Australian social solidarities in the early twentieth century, and third, as a generalised metaphor for external threats to Australian integrity, security and identity.

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