Recent PhD Student, Dr. Mattia Gallotti, Awarded European Grant

Recent philosophy Ph.D. Mattia L. Gallotti is the recipient of a 2011 Exchange Grant from the European Neuroscience and Society Network (ENSN), the leading European forum for interdisciplinary discussions of the social implications of the neurosciences on our lives. Funded by the European Science Foundation, each year the ENSN funds research initiatives that allow social scientists to engage with working scientists in sustaining discussions and cross-disciplinary exchanges about the practice, methodology and experimentation in the mind and brain sciences.   

Gallotti will join the international team of researchers working on the biological bases of the human capacity for joint action in the MINDLab, a cross-cutting neuroscience and cognition research framework housed at the Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience (CFIN) at Aarhus University. Under the sponsorship of world renown British neuroscientist Chris Frith, Gallotti will investigate the neural foundations of collective intentionality, one of philosophers' most fruitful contributions to the study of so many social phenomena, like communication and cooperation.  

The awarded research project is a natural development of earlier doctoral work done at Exeter, Berkeley and Leipzig in the cognitive foundations of social behavior. In his Ph.D. thesis, Dr. Gallotti addresses the questions of what it means for individuals to intend and enact things together by thinking 'as a group', as well as of the place of group-thinking in the natural realm. 

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