New book from Egenis researcher

Lecturer Hannah Farrimond is the author of a new textbook.

Doing Ethical Research offers advice on how to negotiate ethical considerations at each stage of a research project, from the approval application to the final report write-up. In particular, the book examines the fundamental importance of ethical research and assessment and explores the topics of consent, confidentiality and research relationships. Dr Farrimond uses case studies to show how ethics affect real-life research and explores ethical dilemmas, using clear examples and explanations are designed to help readers to make their own ethical decisions.

The book is intended to be a resource for all researchers, whatever their level or research background, but will be particularly useful to students and early-career researchers.

"This in an excellent text on a topic that is becoming increasingly important for students and professionals alike," says Dr Patrick White of the University of Leicester. "It is well-researched, written in a clear and accessible style, and will be extremely useful for both novice and experienced researchers."

Doing Ethical Research, Hannah Farrimond, published by Palgrave Macmillan, price £14.99, ISBN: 9780230297470.

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