New online undergraduate journal launches

A new online undergraduate journal entitled “Pragmatism Tomorrow” has gone live, providing a new digital resource for pragmatism scholars and other professional philosophers worldwide.

The journal is a venue where young scholars express their views on the relevance of philosophical idea to a variety of contemporary social issues. The essays published on this website critically explore the views of pragmatist thinkers and their implication for contemporary understandings of the world. They do so by developing a philosophical analysis of issues of contemporary relevance, ranging from the social role of religious beliefs in Europe to the ongoing shifts in how schools and science funding are organised in the UK. They are grouped under four main areas of interest: science, politics & law, education,andprovocations.

All the essays published here are the original work of undergraduate students at the University of Exeter. As such, they represent the views of the scholars of tomorrow, the newest generation of minds engaging with pragmatist thinking (authors are 21 years old on average). They were produced as part of the module PHL3010 Pragmatism and its Enemies. The course is taught by Dr. Sabina Leonelli, who also acts as editor for the essays and steward to their development.

Dr. Leonelli has disclosed that the idea came to her as a result of the high quality of the work being done by students. “Publishing on this platform enables our philosophy students to experience the challenges and rewards of research and professional scholarship. In addition, it prepares them for their dissertation project and for working life after university, by putting their philosophical skills to the test. I am proud to see such excellent essays become Open Access, instead of being relegated to departmental archives.”

It is hoped that an edited volume of essays will ultimately be made available.

One of the contributors to the first edition, Liam Ward-Proud, was keen to emphasise the role of Dr. Leonelli. “Sabina really encouraged us to take the initiative and find a research area that interested us personally. As a result, everybody took on a lot more responsibility in terms of compiling their own reading lists and immersing themselves in a particular area of Pragmatist philosophy. We all agreed that this led to far higher quality essays and an extremely enjoyable module! Sabina worked so hard to pull all the different elements of the module together and to have our essays made available as an online resource at the end of it all was a fantastic reward.”

The journal can be accessed here:

Date: 21 March 2013

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