Doing Ethical Research

Practical guide to ethical research issues, a new book by Hannah Farrimond

Doing Ethical Research, a new book by University of Exeter Sociology Lecturer Dr Hannah Farrimond, offers advice on how to negotiate ethical considerations at each stage of a research project.

The book, suitable for researchers at every career stage from students to experienced professionals, contains clear practical examples and explanations designed to help readers to make their own ethical decisions. In particular, the book:

- examines the fundamental importance of ethical research and assessment
- explores topics of consent, confidentiality and research relationships
- includes ethical dilemmas and case studies to show how ethics affect real-life research
- gives readers confidence to interpret and critically reflect upon ethical debates.

Dr Farrimond, who is a past Chair and current member of the College Ethics Committee, takes a psycho-social approach to her own research into health, illness and medicine.

Doing Ethical Research is published in paperback by Palgrave Macmillan, price £14.99.

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