Genetics and the Sociology of Identity

A special issue of The British Journal of Sociology on Genetics and the Sociology of Identity, edited by Dr Christine Hauskeller, a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Exeter, with Dr Steve Sturdy (Edinburgh) and Dr Richard Tutton (Lancaster),  is now available online.

The special issue contains a systematic introduction by the editors, eight articles on current uses of genetic knowledge in identities - relating to disability, public health, family and national identity, and race and gender - and a broad set of reviews revisiting a classic in the field and many recent publications.

“The articles in this special issue contribute twofold to the sociological understanding of genetic knowledge and identity practices,” says Dr Hauskeller. “They emphasise just how deeply genetics and ideas of heredity have penetrated into many social domains and they illustrate the diverse and complex ways in which identities are negotiated between self, others and institutions.”

Sociology Special Issue: Genetics and the Sociology of Identity, October 2013, 47 (5), is published by Sage.

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