Dr Farrimond is a sociology lecturer, and the Ethics Officer for the Department of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology. She is the author of Doing Ethical Research.

Is Your Research Ethical?

"Grant applications have sections to be completed on research ethics, PhD students are asked to submit their ethics approval certificates, and publications want you to certify that you have met ethical principles.

This may leave postgraduates, early career researchers and even those further down the academic career line wondering: what does all this form-filling have to do with doing ethical research? And how do principles such as confidentiality, anonymity or "do no harm" apply to me?"

Dr Hannah Farrimond
'How do you make sure your research is ethical?'
The Guardian online, 20 May 2014.

In 'How do you make sure your research is ethical?' Dr Farrimond discusses:

  • the move towards more formal and systemised methods of measuring of research ethics;
  • intitiatives to agree protocols such as the concordat to support research integrity;
  • and the need for cultural flexibility in an internationalised research world.

The article reassuringly concludes with guidance on where to seek the best advice for your project.

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