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27 April 202015:30

POSTPONED. EGENIS seminar series: Prof Carole McCartney (Northumbria University)

We hope to reschedule. Full details
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4 May 202015:30

POSTPONED. EGENIS seminar series: Exploring the Easter E.g. – Shifting Baselines and Changing Perceptions of Cultural and Biological ‘Aliens’, Prof Naomi Sykes (University of Exeter)

Easter is the most important event in the Christian calendar. Despite its global reach and cultural significance, Easter has attracted minimal academic attention since the 1970s. Astonishingly little is known about the festival’s genesis, when it first appeared in Britain, the origins of its component customs – e.g. the gifting of eggs purportedly delivered by the Easter ‘bunny’ – or how they coalesced to form current practices. Equally obscure are the timing and circumstance by which animals that have come to be associated with the festival – notably the brown hare and the rabbit but also the chicken – arrived in Britain. As a result, Easter is a high-profile natural and cultural history puzzle. This talk, timed to coincide with the festival, will bring together the results of an AHRC-funded project on the subject.. Full details
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6 May 202015:30

CANCELLED: Establishment Relations and Fatherhood Wage Premiums: New Insights from Finnish Administrative Data

Fathers often earn more than their childless counterparts, although effects can vary among groups of men. Most of this literature uses micro data and attributes these wage effects to individual selection. We instead draw on relational inequality theory (RIT) to argue the importance of establishment relations behind group differences in net fatherhood wage premiums.. Full details
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11 May 202014:00

Introduction to Bayesian analysis

This workshop offers an introduction to Bayesian analysis in R. We will talk about the theoretical underpinnings of Bayesian analysis and the practical considerations for conducting such analyses in R.. Full details
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11 May 202015:30

RIP Seminar Series: Emily Thomas (Durham): Time and Subtle Pictures in the History of Philosophy

Pre-Talk 1.30-2.30 XFI Conference room 1 / Public Lecture 3.30-5 Building One Matrix Lecture Theatre. Full details
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12 May 202014:00

Bayesian analysis with JAGS/Topics in Bayesian analysis

One of the advantages of Bayesian analysis is its great flexibility with respect to the functional form of the model. To take full advantage of this flexibility, the analyst need to know how to write code for Stan, JAGS, BUGS or a similar sample.. Full details
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13 May 202015:30

SPA Seminar Series: Dr Emilia Sanabria (Paris)

Title and abstract TBA. Full details
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15 May 202013:00

An Introduction to Open-Source Intelligence and its practical applications

This seminar will be an Introduction to Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT). It will cover some broad themes of what OSINT is and what it is not, as well as some thoughts on the future of OSINT.. Full details
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18 May 202015:30

CANCELLED. EGENIS seminar series: Prof Alison Wylie (University of British Columbia)

May be rescheduled. Full details
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20 May 202015:30

RIP Seminar Series

Pre-Talk 1.30-2.30 Amory 239C / Public Lecture 3.30-5 Building One: Bateman Lecture Theatre. Full details
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8 June 202015:30

POSTPONED. EGENIS seminar series: Dr Marta Halina (University of Cambridge)

We hope to reschedule. Full details
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19 June 202015:30

POSTPONED. EGENIS seminar series / book launch: Prof Sabina Leonelli (University of Exeter)

To be rescheduled. Full details
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