Professor Harry G West Co-Director, Professor, Anthropology
Professor Rob Andrews Associate Professor, Diabetes
Dr Dyan Ankrett Living Systems Institute
Dr Dan Bebber Senior Lecturer, Biosciences

Professor Steffen Boehm

Professor, Organisation and Sustainability

Laura Buchanan

Impact and Partnership Development Officer

Christopher Campbell

Head of BMBS Admissions
Dr Paul Cleave Honorary Research Fellow, SPA
Dr Joanne Connell Senior Lecturer, Tourism Management 
Dave Dann Associate Lecturer, Computer Science
Beth Dooley PhD Researcher, SPA
Dr Jacqualyn Eales Research Fellow, ECEHH
Dr Kate Ellacott Senior Lecturer, Biomedical Neuroscience
Professor Jane Elliott Professor, Sociology
Jess Fagin PhD Researcher, SPA

Professor Tim Frayling

Professor, Human Genetics
Professor Henry French Professor, History 
Dr James Grellier Research Fellow, ECEHH
Dr Andrew Griffiths Lecturer, Biological Science
Dr Cornelia Guell Senior Lecturer, Medical Anthropology
Alex Huke Impact and Partnership Development Manager, Agri-Environment and Land Management
Dr Sawsan Khuri Lecturer, Biomedical Sciences
Dr Katarina Kos Senior Lecturer, Diabetes and Obesity
Professor Matt Lobley Professor, Rural Resource Management
Dr Constantine Manolchev Lecturer, Sustainable Futures
Dr Pablo Martinez-Juarez Postdoctoral Research Fellow, College of Medicine and Health
Dr Natalia Lawrence Associate Professor, Translational Medecine
Professor Sabina Leonelli Professor of Philosophy and History of Science
Professor Steve McCorriston Professor, Agricultural Economics 
Camilla McHugh Associate Research Fellow, College of Medicine and Health
Professor Ayesha Mukherjee Associate Professor, Modern Literature and Culture 
Professor Juliet Osborne Professor, Applied Ecology
Professor Alan Outram Professor, Archaeological Science 
Professor Stefano Pascucci Professor, Sustainability and Circular Economy 
Dr Carolyn Petersen Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Centre for Rural Policy Research
Professor Martin Pitts Associate Professor, Roman Archaeology 
Dr Celia Plender Lecturer, Anthropology 
Dr Branwyn Poleykett Postdoctoral Research Fellow, SPA
Dr Kathryn Shears Life Science Resource Centre Assistant Manager
Professor Richard Smith Professor, Health Economics 
Dr Anne Stobart Honorary Fellow, History
Professor Naomi Sykes The Lawrence Professor of Archaelogy
Susan Taheri
Susannah Tooze Senior Lecturer, UEMS
Dr Luciana Torquati Lecturer, Nutrition 
Nigel Unwin Professor of Diabetes
Levi Verschuren Archaeology
Leo Webb Geography
Dr Rebekah Welton Lecturer, Jewish Studies and Contemporary Religion 
Dr Rebecca Wheeler Research Fellow, Centre for Rural Policy Research
Professor Jane Whittle Professor, Economic and Social History
Hannah Williams Impact and Partnership Development Manager, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Mental Health
Dr Hugh Williamson Research Fellow, SPA
Professor Michael Winter Professor, Land Economy and Society
Professor Paul Young

Associate Professor, Victorian Literature and Culture

Professor Reza Zamani Associate Professor, Medical Science Education