Externally funded research projects

The funding for these research projects has ceased but dissemination activities are ongoing.

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Awarded To

Project Title


Start date

Dr Joel Krueger 4E Cognition and the Landscapes of Mental Disorder British Academy 1 May 2017
Professor Sabina Leonelli
PI: Hywel Williams
Social sensing of health and wellbeing impacts from pollen and air pollution, ES/P011489/1 Economic and Social Research Council 1 March 2017
Professor Susan Kelly
Dr Jacqueline de Souza Gomes (Federal Fluminense University)
Sociology of Diagnoses – Exploring Emerging Diseases in Brazil British Academy 30 September 2016
Professor Susan Kelly, Dr Daniele Carrieri Rethinking Informed Consent in Genomic Research: A Case-based Approach to Develop Ethical Guidance and Training Economic and Social Research Council 1 June 2016
Professor Sabina Leonelli Integrating Data in the Plant Sciences Workshop Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) 21 April 2016
Dr Hannah Farrimond
Professor Charles Abraham (University of Exeter Medical School)
Reframing stop smoking services in response to e-cigarette use: An exploratory stakeholder study Cancer Research UK 1 April 2016
Professor Sabina Leonelli Global Access to Research Software Global Young Academy 1 January 2016
Professor Sabina Leonelli
Professor Gail Davies (Geography, University of Exeter)
Exploring in Vivo skills and use of organisms within pharmaceutical laboratories British Pharmacological Society 28 October 2015
Professor Christine Hauskeller HWK Bremen-Oldenburg Visiting Fellowship Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg 1 October 2015
Professor Christine Hauskeller, Dr Lorenzo Beltrame Regulating Umbilical Cord Blood Biobanking in Europe European Commission 1 October 2015
Dr Katharine Boyd, Dr Hannah Farrimond, Rafid Fatani, Professor Brian Rappert The Exeter Policing, Evidence, and Research Translation (ExPERT) Project College of Policing 1 October 2015
Dr Ginny Russell Gender stereotypes in ADHD diagnosis Wellcome Trust 1 April 2015
Professor Brian Rappert Cataloguing Secrets, Transforming Justice: An Innovative Manuscript and an Interactive Archive British Academy 2 March 2015
Dr Ann Kelly Anthropology of Ebola: Transmission Dynamics and Outbreak Socialities Economic and Social Research Council 5 January 2015
Dr Ann Kelly Detinova on Safari: Forgotten Histories of Global Health Wellcome Trust 1 January 2015
Professor Michael Schillmeier Concerning Relations: Sociologies of Conduct, Care and Affect Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness 27 November 2014
Dr Trever Hagen Hearing and Listening in Urban Spaces: Sound, Health and Community (HEALUS) Leverhulme Trust 1 September 2014
Professor Susan Kelly
Professor Angus Clarke (Cardiff University), Professor Anneke Lucassen (University of Southampton), and Dr Peter Turnpenny (Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital)
Mainstreaming Genetics: Re-contacting patients in a dynamic healthcare environment ESRC 1 May 2014
Professor Brian Rappert, Dr Louise Bezuidenhout, Dr Ann Kelly, Professor Sabina Leonelli, Professor Brian Rappert Beyond the Digital Divide: Sharing Research Data across Developing and Developed Countries Leverhulme Trust 1 January 2014
Professor Sabina Leonelli MPIWG Berlin Max Planck Institute for the History of Science 1 January 2014
Dr Adam Toon Cognition in Science EU Marie Curie Fellowship 1 October 2013
Professor John Dupré A Process Ontology for Contemporary Biology (PROBIO) European Commission 1 May 2013
Dr Ginny Russell, Professor Susan Kelly Recent trends in the diagnosis of developmental disorders: are there really more children with autism, dyslexia and ADHD? Economic and Social Research Council 1 April 2013
Professor John Dupré, Professor Sabina Leonelli
Professor David Castle (University of Edinburgh)
ESRC Cross-Investment Grant on Open Innovation Economic and Social Research Council 1 April 2013
Dr Ann Kelly Memorials and remains of medical research in Africa: an anthropology of scientific landscapes, ruins and artefacts Economic and Social Research Council 1 December 2012
Professor Michael Schillmeier Nanomedical Innovations - An Analysis of the Fabrication of Interdisciplinary Scientific Knowledge and Technologies VolkswagenStiftung 1 December 2012
Professor Brian Rappert
Dr Michael Barr (Newcastle University)
UK Biological Engagement Programme (UKBEP): Strengthening Biological Security Ministry of Defence 1 November 2012
Professor Susan Kelly
UEA,University of Cambridge, University of York, Victoria University of Wellington
The Role of Diagnosis in Health and Wellbeing Economic and Social Research Council 1 October 2012
Professor Susan Kelly One Day Symposium: Bridging the gap between the Sociologies of Diagnosis and Intervention Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness 1 May 2012
Professor John Dupré
In collaboration with Professor Graeme Gooday (University of Leeds)(lead), Dr Jonathan Topham (University of Leeds), Professor James Secord (University of Cambridge), and Professor Michael Christopher Hardy (Coventry University)
Learning from science communication's past: a historically informed approach to reciprocity, citizenship and diversity in a social contract for science. Arts and Humanities Research Council 14 February 2012
Professor Christine Hauskeller BAMI: The effect of intracoronary reinfusion of bone marrow-derived mononuclear cells (BM-MNC) on all-cause mortality in acute myocardial infarction European Commission 1 November 2011
Professor Anthony King Combat, Cohesion and Gender: the elementary forms of the military life Economic and Social Research Council 1 October 2011
Professor Michael Hauskeller What is Enhancement? Leverhulme Trust 1 October 2011
Dr Hannah Farrimond Prediabetes family study Richard Benjamin Trust 1 August 2011
Professor Andrew Pickering University of Konstanz, Institute for Advanced Study University of Konstanz 1 January 2011
Professor Susan Kelly
Professor Sally Wyatt (VKS, Maastricht, Netherlands)
Selling genetic tests online: user perspectives on direct to consumer psychiatric genetic tests Economic and Social Research Council 1 October 2010
Professor Andrew Pickering New Ontologies: A Series of Interdisciplinary Workshops Gulbenkian Foundation 1 August 2010
Dr Scott Vrecko Criminal Offending Wellcome Trust 15 January 2010
Professor Giovanna Colombetti EMOTER: Emoting the Embodied Mind European Commission 1 January 2010
Dr Gisa Weszkalnys Cursed Futures or how to do an ethnography of economics in West Africa British Academy 1 January 2010
Professor Sabina Leonelli Data Driven research in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences British Academy 1 September 2009
Professor Grace Davie Conference of the International Society of the Sociology of Religion British Academy 27 July 2009
Professor Anthony King The Profession of Violence Nuffield Foundation 1 July 2009
Dr Maureen O'Malley International Society for History - Australia British Academy 1 July 2009
Professor Christine Hauskeller, Dr Dana Wilson-Kovacs Between the clinic and the laboratory: Biomedical research in praxis Economic and Social Research Council 1 April 2009
Professor Brian Rappert
Professor Malcolm Dando (University of Bradford) and Dr Alexander Kelle (University of Bath)
Building a Sustainable Capacity in dual-use Bioethics Wellcome Trust 1 January 2009
Dr Maureen O'Malley Philosophical and Historical Investigations of Cell Research British Academy 1 January 2009
Dr Matthias Zick Varul Ethical Consumption in the UK and Europe: New Developments and New challenges for policy, Practice and Research Economic and Social Research Council 1 January 2009
Professor Brian Rappert Sloan Project Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 1 November 2008
Professor Christine Hauskeller British German Academic Research Collaboration British German Academic Research Collaboration 1 October 2008
Professor John Dupré, Dr Maureen O'Malley Questioning the Tree of Life Leverhulme Trust 1 October 2008
Dr Maureen O'Malley Questioning the Tree of Life Leverhulme Trust 1 October 2008
Professor Brian Rappert Research, Ethics and Codes of Conduct: A Comparative Study Japan Foundation Endowment Committee 1 October 2007
Professor Lenny Moss American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division British Academy 3 April 2007
Professor Grace Davie Welfare and Religion in a European Perspective (WREP) Uppsala Institute for Diaconal & Social Studies 1 February 2007
Professor Brian Rappert Strengthening the Prohibition Against Biological Weapons: Enabling an International Educational Network Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 1 January 2007
Professor John Dupré
In collaboration with Dr Thomas Morton (lead) and Professor Tom Postmes
When Beliefs Become Realities: Motives and Strategies for Essentialising Intergroup Differences Economic and Social Research Council 1 December 2006
Professor Steve Hughes Egenis: Exploring Genomics With an Artist Arts Council England 20 November 2006
Dr Maureen O'Malley The History of Science Society, Society for Social Studies of Science, and The Philosophy of Science Association Joint Meeting British Academy 2 November 2006
Professor Anthony King NATO Transformation and the New Networks of European Military Expertise British Academy 1 October 2006
Dr Matthias Zick Varul Fair Trade Consumerism as an Everyday Ethical Practice / A Comparative Perspective Economic and Social Research Council 1 September 2006
Professor Christine Hauskeller Stem Cell Research in Context Economic and Social Research Council 1 April 2006
Professor John Dupré, Dr Maureen O'Malley New directions in biology: Metagenomics and microbiology Arts and Humanities Research Council 1 March 2006
Professor Grace Davie Welfare and Values in Europe: Transitions Related to Religion, Minorities and Gender [WAVE] European Commission 1 February 2006
Professor Brian Rappert The Life Sciences, Biosecurity and Dual-Use Research Seminars Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 1 January 2006
Professor Staffan Müller-Wille, Professor John Dupré Heredity in the Century of the Gene: a Cultural History of Heredity IV British Academy 1 January 2006
Professor Anthony King Europe's Rapid Reaction Forces: an Institutional and Interactional Sociology Economic and Social Research Council 1 September 2005
Professor John Dupré The Gene and its Legacy: Historical and Philosophical Issues in Genetics and Genomics British Council (Egypt) 1 July 2005
Professor Anthony King The Transformation of Europe's Armed Forces British Academy 1 March 2005
Professor John Dupré Philosophy of Biology Arts and Humanities Research Council 1 October 2004
Professor Michael Hauskeller The Integrity of Living Beings as a Normative Concept Wellcome Trust 1 August 2004
Professor Brian Rappert
Professor Malcolm Dando (University of Bradford)
Biological Weapons, Security and the Silencing of Science Economic and Social Research Council 1 February 2004

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