Exeter Policing, Evidence, and Research Translation

The Exeter Policing, Evidence, and Research Translation (ExPERT) Project involves staff members from the University of Exeter and the Devon and Cornwall Police Force working together to build capacity in evidence-based policing.

The project seeks to develop strategic relationships to address policing issues relevant to the South West region and facilitate the transfer of information among groups. There are multiple components to the project.

  • Workshops to develop knowledge and critical appraisal in evidence-based practice in policing.
  • Project Generation Forums where police, academics, and community stakeholders will work together to identify research questions and develop future projects.
  • Systematic reviews of the existing literature on selected practical policing issues.
  • Secondments of University staff and students to the police force.

Through these initiatives the project aims to support the development of sustainable education and research collaborations between police forces and the University of Exeter. It will develop the skills of frontline officers and staff, build their knowledge and expertise about what works in policing and crime reduction, and help them understand how to put this into practice.

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The ExPERT project is supported by the College of Policing, the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and the Home Office under a grant from the Police Knowledge Fund. Results will be added to the Outputs section of the Policing and Evidence Group pages.

Project members from the University of Exeter are Katharine Boyd (co-PI), Hannah Farrimond, Iain Lang, Mark Pearson, and Brian Rappert (co-PI).