Below is a list of currently-funded projects running at Egenis.

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From Field Data to Global Indicators: A Framework for intelligent Plant Data Linkage

Sabina Leonelli
The Alan Turing Institute
2019 - 2022

The ReAlChem - Responsible Innovation Project

Susan Molyneux-Hodgson
Innovate UK
2017 - 2019

Representing Biology as Process

John Dupré
2017 - 2020

Critical Analysis of Spent Fuel Structure in Radionuclide Release

Susan Molyneux-Hodgson
2016 - 2021

Organisms and Us: How Living Things Help Us to Understand Our World

Sabina Leonelli
Australian Research Council
2016 - 2020

The DETOX-Responsible Innovation Project

Susan Molyneux-Hodgson
2016 - 2021

Exploring Diagnosis: Autism and the Neurodiversity Movement

Ginny Russell
Wellcome Trust
2015 - 2020

The Epistemology of Data-Intensive Science

Sabina Leonelli
European Research Council
2014 - 2019

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