Genomics in relation to agriculture and development

1 September 2004 - 1 September 2008

Awarded to: Professor  Steve Hughes

Funding awarded to Exeter £ 75,000

Sponsor(s): The Dutch Genomics Initiative

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Genomics in relation to agriculture and development

About the project

Affiliated Staff: Guido Ruivenkamp (Wageningen), and Joske Bunders (Amsterdam)

The interrelationship between technological and social aspects implies that specific social dimensions are integrated in genomics research that prescribes certain activities. At the same time negotiation processes may play a role in socially constructing the social/technical dimensions of genomics. Genomics research finds itself between the tension of being prescriptive and/or being formed.

This research program explored whether and how the co-creation of social and technical elements in food genomics research can be "opened and (re)constructed" by actors and advocates from developing countries, working on endogenous developments. The program plan proposed three research projects plus an interactive hub that functioned as a collective feedback system for the development of the projects and as a tool for broad dissemination of information. The latter included the re-launch of the international Biotechnology and Development Monitor (previously supported by ISNAR) as a peer review journal called Tailoring Biotechnologies.