Dr Shane Glackin

Lecturer (Philosophy)

Amory 350

OFFICE HOURS: Monday 2-3, Friday 11-12, or by appointment

Peer-reviewed Articles as Sole Author

-- “Three Aristotelian Accounts of Disease and Disability” Journal of Applied Philosophy (2015, Early View)

-- “Placebo Treatments, Informed Consent, and ‘the Grip of a False Picture’” The Journal of Medical Ethics (2014, Online First)

-- “Back to Bundles: Deflating Property Rights, Again” Legal Theory (2014) 20 (1): 1-24

-- “Kind-making, Objectivity, and Political Neutrality: The Case of Solastalgia” Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences (2012) 43 (1): 209-18

-- “Universal Grammar and the Baldwin Effect: A Hypothesis and some Philosophical Consequences” Biology and Philosophy (2011) 26 (2): 201-22

-- “Tolerance and Illness: The Politics of Medical and Psychiatric Classification” The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy (2010) 35 (4): 449-65

--“Dolphin Natures, Human Virtues: MacIntyre and Ethical Naturalism” Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences (2008) 39 (3): 292-7


Peer-reviewed Articles as Co-Author

-- Shane N. Glackin & Simon Mills, “Termination of Pregnancy, Article 40.3.3, and the Law of Intended Consequences” Irish Journal of Legal Studies (2013) 3 (3): 76-91

-- John Adlam, Irwin Gill, Shane N. Glackin, Brendan Kelly, Chris Scanlon, & Séamus Mac Suibhne, “Perspectives on Erving Goffman’s Asylums Fifty Years On” Medicine, Healthcare, and Philosophy (2013) 16 (3): 605–613


Book Reviews

-- “Thomas Schramme (ed.), Being Amoral: Psychopathy and Moral Incapacity,” (forthcoming, Journal of Applied Philosophy)

-- “Peter Zachar, A Metaphysics of Psychopathology,” Journal of Applied Philosophy (2015) 32 (2): 217-9

-- “Havi Carel & Rachel Cooper (eds.), Health, Illness, and Disease: Philosophical Essays,” British Journal for Philosophy of Science (2014) 65(2): 413-7

-- “Terence Irwin, The Development of Ethics: A Historical and Critical Study; Ch. 89, C.I. Lewis,” The Philosophical Forum (2011) 17 (3): 328-9

-- “The Quined-Up Herd Chronicles; A review of J. H. Zammitto, A Nice Derangement of Epistemes; Post-positivism in the Study of Science from Quine to Latour,” Metascience (2006) 15: 389-393 

Research interests

My research work is primarily concerned with the intersections of ethics, legal and political philosophy, the philosophy of language and linguistics, and the philosophy of biology and medicine. I see these as closely-intertwined aspects of a general philosophical anthropology,  clustered around the so-called “fact/value distinction”, and I aim to investigate what it is to be human through the prism of what I take to be an inherently public sort of phenomenological normativity which permeates human experience.


Following a B.A. and M.Litt at Trinity College Dublin, I received my Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Leeds in 2008. I also hold a Masters in Legal Science from the National University of Ireland. I have previously lectured in Philosophy at the University of Leeds, the University of Warwick, and Oxford Brookes University.

My research is primarily concerned with the so-called "fact-value distinction"; in particular I am currently interested in the interaction between evaluative claims about human well-being and scientific claims about human biology in the philosophy of medicine, and in the evolution of human normative institutions such as public language. More generally, my concern is with the way that the ethical, political, and legal value-claims typical of modern liberal democracies shape and respond to the findings of biological, medical, and other sciences.