Dr Nicole-Kerstin Baur

External Engagement and Impact

I have received several public engagements grants, which has allowed me to work with a number of community organisations and creative artists.

In 2016, I was awarded the PG/ECR Engagement Award  (£1,000, Exeter Doctoral College). The money allows me to collaborate with the Devon Recovery Learning Community and Double Elephant Print Workshop in order to create a learning module on the former Devon County Mental Hospital, which will be taught in Spring 2017.

In 2015, I obtained an ESRC Social Science Festival grant (£1,170), which allowed me to create a public exhibition in St Stephen’s Church, Exeter, showcasing my ‘Remembering the Mental Hospital’ project.

Another ESRC Social Science Festival grant (£610) awarded in 2012 enabled me to create the popular website ‘Social attitudes and mental illness in Devon, 1845-1987’ (http://dcmh.exeter.ac.uk/).


Other community organisations and creative artists involved in my work include:

Exminster Primary School

The Manor Care Home, Exminster

Artists Nicci Wonnacott & Tat Ruck

Anthos Arts (Bristol), Trestle Theatre (St Albans) & Spaniel in the Works (Gloucester)