Dr Nicole-Kerstin Baur

Other Information

Member of the Society for the Social History of Medicine

 Examiner for the Edexcel GCSE “Medicine through Time” module of the “Schools History Project (SHP)


Conference Papers

 06/2012 University of Exeter, Workshop 'Knowledge versus Expertise: Popular health and Landscapes of Reform'

‘Revealing the hidden third party: the key role of relatives in the management of mental illness’

 04/2012 University of Glasgow, ESSH Conference

‘The “revolving door patient revisited”: environmental risk factors in readmissions to British Mental Hospitals in the 20th century’ (with J. Melling).

 04/2012 University of Exeter, Conference ‘The stress of life’

‘Stress as a cause of mental illness and its translation into ordinary life’.

 09/2011 University of Exeter, Workshop ‘Getting into and out of the asylum’

‘”Lost in Translation?” Voices of lay people and professionals on the perceived causes of mental illness’.

 07/2011 University of Exeter, BSHS Annual Conference

‘Chemical straight-jackets and the “Largactil shuffle” – the pharmacological era and emergence of the revolving door patient in mental health history’.

 04/2011 University of Exeter, Conference ‘Fabricating the body: Textiles and human health in historical perspective’

‘Dressing and undressing the patient’ (with J. Melling).

 02/2011 LSTM, Conference ‘Global Health Rights in Historical Perspective’

‘From incarceration to the “Buddi tracker” – Patient rights in mental health care versus protection of the general public’.

 07/2010 Durham University, SSHM Conference

‘Continuity and change in psychiatric practice and patient care’.

 06/2007 Manchester University, BSHS Annual Conference

‘Immunisation put in place: vaccine uptake rates in Berlin, Germany’.

 09/2006 University of Exeter, Centre for Medical History

‘Place as a contributor to health risks – landscapes of under-vaccination in Berlin’.

 06/2006 Queen Mary University, London, Emerging New Research in Geographies of Health and Impairment ENRGHI Conference

‘The Fall of the Berlin Wall and its Effect on Diphtheria Vaccination Patterns’.

 01/2006 Glasgow Caledonian University, Centre for the Social History of Health and Healthcare

‘The Transition from Curative to Preventive Medicine and its Impact on Diphtheria in 20th Century Germany’.

 10 /2005 Universität Trier, Annual Conference: Deutscher Geographentag

‘“Revisiting uninvited” - Diphtherie zu Beginn und zu Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts in Europa’’.


Invited papers

 10/2011 University of Exeter, Centre for Medical History

‘Hearing voices? Representations of male sexual deviance among mental hospital patients, 1948 - 1970’ (with J. Melling).

 06/2011 Manchester Metropolitan University, Wellcome Trust Research Meeting

‘Here is our old friend again – Mental illness and returning patient care 1948 - 1970’.

 09/2010 University of Warwick, Workshop on “Migration, Mental Illness, and the Management of Asylum Populations”

‘Mental health patients and readmissions to mental hospitals in southern England c. 1948-1965: some patterns of movement’ (with J. Melling)

 12/2007 Research Resources in Medical History Winter Conference, Wellcome Trust, Edinburgh

‘In search of the patient’.

 10 / 2007 Friends of Devon’s Archives AGM & Conference, County Hall Exeter

‘Searching for the patient’.

 07/2006 Durham University, Centre for the History of Medicine and Disease

‘Diphtheria immunisation in Germany – the unfinished agenda’.

 02/2006 James Cook Hospital, Middlesbrough

‘Spatial Mobility – Globalisation – Immunity. Are YOU prepared for diphtheria?’.

 02 /2004 Gesundheitsamt Baden-Wűrttemberg

‘Die Epidemiologie der Diphtherie innerhalb der Deutschen Grenzen seit dem Kaiserreich’.

 01 /2004 Universität Heidelberg, Abteilung fűr Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeographie

‘Die Diphtherie in Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft’.