Dr Joshua Blamire


Postdoctoral Research Assistant

I am currently working on the ESRC-funded project “Identity, Belonging and the Role of the Media in Brexit Britain” with Dr Katharine Tyler (PI), Dr Cathrine Degnen at Newcastle University, and Professor Susan Banducci, Dr Travis Coan, Professor Dan Stevens and Dr Laszlo Horvath at the Department of Politics at the University of Exeter.

The project will explore ethnographically the attitudes, beliefs and values of individuals from different social backgrounds (in terms of ethnicity, migration status, nationality, class, gender, religion and generation) and geographical locations regarding questions of immigration, national identity and European belonging in the face of Britain’s exit from the EU, and how this is reflected in identity formations. Because the media has become inseparable from these political and social processes we will ask: What role have media narratives about Brexit played in these processes: to what extent are they reflected in everyday lives: and in turn, to what extent are the narratives that are uncovered in the everyday mirrored in the media? To address these questions we will develop innovative research strategies that integrate in-depth ethnographic fieldwork conducted across different areas of England with national and local media content analysis. I will be conducting ethnographic fieldwork across two research sites in the East Midlands.