Photo of Dr Katharine Boyd

Dr Katharine Boyd


 I grew up in western New York and completed my BA in Political Science and Psychology at Ashland University.  I moved to NYC to do my MA in Forensic Psychology and then stayed there to complete my MA in Criminal Justice, and then my PhD in Criminal Justice at the Graduate Center program housed at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Throughout my academic career I have enjoyed traveling. I studied abroad at Macquarie University in Sydney, lived with a family in Mexico to learn Spanish for a month, I studied Machiavelli in Italy for a summer, and took part in a summer program at Humboldt University in Berlin.  I have participated in conferences in Belfast, Northern Ireland; Marakesh, Morocco; Prague, Czech Republic; as well as numerous places around the United States.  

My love of travel and enjoyment of new cultures made me excited to start as a lecturer at the University of Exeter in the UK in summer 2014.  I'm part of the Q-Step programme that teaches quantitative methods to social science students.