Photo of Professor Giovanna Colombetti

Professor Giovanna Colombetti

Research Interests

  • Philosophy of mind: emotion and affectivity; consciousness; embodied and enactive approaches; the extended mind
  • Philosophy of science: theories and experimental work in affective science
  • Phenomenology of affectivity and the body
  • Asian philosophies and meditative practices

NB: You can access and dowload my publications here.

Research Supervision

I am interested in supervising research at Master and PhD level in the following areas:

  • Philosophy of cognitive science - especially of "4EA cognition" (embodied, embedded, enactive, extended AND affective cognition);
  • Philosophy of emotion - especially questions about embodiment, emotional consciousness and feelings, moods and personality, affect and materiality;
  • Philosophy of affective science - especially methodological and theoretical issues pertaining to the scientific and experimental study of affective phenomena;
  • Consciousness studies - especially phenomenology (classic and contemporary), neurophenomenology, and Asian and contemplative approaches;
  • Theoretical approaches to material culture and technology - especially in relation to affect, and from a multidisciplinary perspective, including philosophy but not only (taking advantage of the interdisciplinary nature of this Department).