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2016  Social Work with Sex Offenders: Making a difference Policy Press; Bristol, UK

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Edited Books

 (due Autumn 2016)                           Research Ethics in Criminology and Criminal Justice– Politics, Dilemmas, Issues and Solutions (Co-edited with Loraine Gelsthorpe & Azrini Wahidin).  London; Routledge


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Chapters in edited collections

2016 (in press)    'Values in Probation with People who commit Sex Offences' in Priestley, P. & Vanstone, M. 'Probation through the looking glass: Academic reflections on rehabilitation' Palgrave; Basingstoke, UK

2016 (in press)  'Researching sex crimes and sex offenders:some ethical and epistemological considerations' in Cowburn, M. Gelsthorpe, L. & Wahidin, A. 'Research Ethics in Criminology – Dilemmas, Issues and Solutions' Routledge; London

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