Dr Abigail Dymond


Lecturer (Sociology and Criminology)

Welcome to my web-page!

I'm a part-time lecturer and ESRC Future Research Leader's Scholar at the University of Exeter, and my current research interests and impact work focus on issues around police, policing and places of detention, and in particular the use of force and less lethal weapons in such environments.  

Between 2013 - 2016 my ESRC funded PhD research drew on elements from criminology, sociology and law, using quantitative and qualitative techniques, from binary logistic regression to actor-network theory, to explore the use of the projectile electric-shock weapon the Taser in England and Wales. From 2017 - 2020 my ESRC Future Research Leaders Award allows me to continue to explore issues around police use of force in England and Wales, the link between less lethal weapons and the right to life, and the role of non-human actors in place of detention.  Please see the 'Research' and 'Publications' page for more information.  

I engage in a range of impact activities alongside my research (please see the  'External Engagement and Impact' part of this webpage for further information) and I also work part-time for the UK NGO the Omega Research Foundation.  I have  recieved travel costs from Taser International between the 2nd and 8th November 2014 to attend the Annual Conference of the Institute for the Prevention of In Custody Deaths and to present my research to their Senior Management.  I also undertake media activities as part of my work, with my research featured in a range of regional, national and international media outlets, and run an active twitter account, where I discusses a range of issues related to policing, and police use of force.

 I can be contacted at @abidymond, at the email above and, for press enquiries, via Exeter University's press team.