Dr Hannah Farrimond

BA, BSc, MSc, Dr


Extension: 5128

Telephone: 01392 725128

Senior Lecturer (Sociology)

My primary research interests are:
  • Psycho-social dimensions of legal addictions (smoking, alcohol. pharmaecuticals) 
  • Tobacco harm reduction, e-cigarettes, cessation services
  • Stigma and public health
  • New health technologies (vaping, breathalysers, non-invasive prenatal testing)
  • Research ethics

Member of: Society for Study of Addiction, Society of Evidence-Based Policing

Most papers full text on ResearchGate and AcademicEdu.

To follow on Twitter: @FarrimondH

Journal articles and books

Farrimond, H., Boyd, K. & Fleischer, D. (2018) Reconfiguring the violent encounter? Preloading, security staff and breathalyser use in the night-time economy. International Journal of Drug Policy, 56: 108-115.

Smith, G. & Farrimond, H. (in press) Active ageing, emotional care and the threat of stigma: Identity management in older adults using sleeping medication long-term, Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine.

Wilkinson, K., Boyd, K., Pearson, M., Farrimond, H., Lang, I.A., Fleischer, D., Poole. A., Ralph, N., and Rappert, B. (in press) Making sense of evidence: Using research training to promote organisational change. Police Practice and Research.

Farrimond, H. (2017) A typology of vaping: Identifying beliefs, motivations for use, identity and political interest amongst e-cigarette users, International Journal of Drug Policy, 48: 81-90.

Boyd, K., Farrimond, H., and Ralph, N. (2018) The impact of breathalysers on violence and attitudes in the Night-Time Economy, European Journal of Criminology (in press).

Farrimond, H. (2017) The ethics of research, The Bera/SAGE Handbook of Educational Research, Eds: Dominic Wyse, Emma Smith, Larry E. Suter and Neil Selwyn. SAGE Publications: Thousand Oaks, CA.

Farrimond. H. (2016) E-cigarette regulation and policy: UK vapers' perspectives, Addiction, 111 (6): 1077-1083.

Carrieri, D., Farrimond, H., Kelly, S.E. and Turnpenny, P.D. (2016) Families dealing with the uncertainty of genetic disorders: the case of Neurofibromatosis Type 1, Sociology of Health and Illness, 38(5):753-67

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ESRC IAA Project Co-creation Award, '#RU2Drunk? Evaluation of the roll-out of a breathalyser initiative to reduce alcohol-related violence in the South West, July-Dec '16, PI Hannah Farrimond and Katharine  Boyd, Collaborators Devon and Cornwall/Dorset Police Strategic Alliance, £19, 787.

Reframing stop smoking services in response to e-cigarette use: An exploratory stakeholder study', Cancer Research UK, PI Dr Hannah Farrimond, Collaborator Prof. Charles Abraham, 18 months, start March 2016, £43,000.

Police Knowledge Fund ExPERT (Exeter Policing, Evidence and Research Translation) Project, Start date Sept 2015, 18 months, Co-I, £249,450.

Q-Step Centre for Quantiative Methods at the University of Exeter (£1.2 million), start 2014 for five years, Academic Lead for SPA department

Richard Benjamin Trust, 2011, 15 months, 'Understandings of Type 2 diabetes in 'at risk' families'. PI.

Brocher Foundation, Geneva, 2010, 'New developments in non-invasive prenatal genetic testing: Ethical, legal and Social implications, a pluridisciplinary symposium, fully funded. Co-PI.

Recent conferences

Farrimond, H & Abraham, C. (2017) 'E-cigarette friendly' stop smoking services: The opportunities and barriers to incorporating e-cigarettes into health-care systems. 4th Global Forum on Nicotine: Reducing Harm, Saving Lives, 15-17th June, Warsaw.

Boyd, K., Farrimond, H. Ralph, N. (2016) Evaluating the impact of breathalysers on alcohol-related violence: Quasi-experimental evaluation, in Macro-level issues in crime prevention strategies stream, American Society of Criminology, The many colours of crime and justice, New Orleans, LA, 16-19th November, 2016.

Farrimond, H., Boyd, K., Ralph, N. (2015) Depersonalizing the violent encounter: Security staff experiences of using breathalyzers in the night-time economy. British Society of Criminology 2015 Annual Conference - Criminology:Voyages of critical discovery, 30 June - 3 July 2015

Farrimond, H. (2015) A typology of vaping: Identifying beliefs, motivations for use, identity and political interest amongst e-cigarette users, Society for the Study of Addiction Annual Symposium, York, 5-6th Nov. Poster Prize Winner for Research Category.