Dr Hugh Williamson

Research Fellow

Byrne House SF6


I am a social anthropologist whose major interests lie in the relationship between the natural sciences, conservation, development and politics. I have a particular interest in agriculture-focused natural sciences, from the ecology of farmed landscapes through crop experiments, and how these come to hold political and cultural values, hopes and expectations.

I initially studied for an interdisciplinary BA in anthropology at Durham University, covering social, medical and biological subfields, before moving to the University of Cambridge, where I received an MRes and PhD (2018) in social anthropology. At Exeter, I am Research Fellow on the Alan Turing Institute-funded project ‘From Field Data to Global Indicators: Towards a Framework for Intelligent Plant Data Linkage’, where I will be studying the emergence of “big data” infrastructures for crop science and their relation to contemporary global concerns, such as problems of food security.


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