Professor David Inglis


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Telephone: 01392 725682

Professor (Sociology)

I am a sociologist who works in the areas of cultural sociology, social theory, historical sociology and globalization studies.

More specifically, I have written and continue to write in the areas of sociology of culture, cultural sociology, sociology of art and aesthetics, sociology of food, history of sociology, classical sociology, modern social theory, sociology of the ancient world and cosmopolitanism.

I try to achieve a blend of the theoretical and empirical in my work. I am particularly interested in (very) long-term social and cultural change, and changing modes of consciousness.

I try to keep my intellectual horizons as broad as possible, while still retaining some coherence in them. I like and am inspired by the broad visions of the 18th and 19th century thinkers. 

I also think sociology is a very broad intellectual exercise, rather than  just one single discipline. If asked to dfine what sociology is, I would say: applied philosophy; a kind of anthropology; and the ironic depiction of the ironies of human existence.

I also do not think that sociology is only or even foremost the study of "modernity".

I founded and edit the journal Cultural Sociology.  (

My current research agenda encompasses in particular the themes of globalization, food, cosmopolitanism and ethics, but I continue to write in pretty much all of the areas indicated above.

In my non-academic time, I like to be in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece - among other places - as much as possible. I have very strong affinities with the food and wine cultures of those places. I also am hugely interested in wine and the wine industries, for both professional and personal reasons!