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Photo of Dr Steven Kapp

Dr Steven Kapp

Research Fellow in Autism and Neurodiversity

Dr Kapp works as a research fellow on the Wellcome Trust-funded project Exploring Diagnosis: Autism and Neurodiversity. In October 2016 he joined Egenis to study how conceptions of autism, neurodiversity, and support associate with identity, lived experiences, and quality of life.

This work builds on his research and participation in self-advocacy movements, including first authorship on a study on autism and neurodiversity in Developmental Psychology that presented the first known direct comparison of autistic and non-autistic people's attitudes toward autism. He contributed to the revision of autism's diagnostic criteria in the DSM-5 as director of science in the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, and served on California state projects to support people with learning difficulties' transition to competitive, integrated employment from 2010 to 2016. His background includes public policy, education, psychology, and disability studies, with additional publications in anthropology, medicine, and neuroscience reaching diverse audiences and readerships.  

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