Photo of Dr Charles Masquelier

Dr Charles Masquelier


Lecturer (Sociology)

Office: B 318

Office Hours:Mondays 1-2 and Tuesdays 11-12

Tel: 01392 722828


My research crosses over the disciplines of sociology, politics and philosophy. I have developed a particular interest in critical forms of sociological theorising, social movements, humanity-nature relations and alternative forms of economic and political governance. I also intend to pursue theoretical and empirical work on the cooperative sector. 

Social critique

I am interested in rethinking social critique in such a way as to realise its critical and transformative potential. So far, I have sought to achieve this goal by reconciling some of the tenets of Frankfurt School’s critical theory with the libertarian socialist alternative formulated by G.D.H. Cole.


I then devoted my attention to rethinking social critique with an emancipatory intent in the light of contemporary economic, cultural, social and environmental developments and contemporary movements of resistance. The goal is to equip critique with the conceptual tools to achieve unity in the diversity of contemporary struggles for justice.


Socialist theory

I have sought to show, and intend to continue highlighting, the role Cole’s libertarian socialist alternative can be expected to play in breathing new life into socialist thought. My work in this field predominantly aims to reveal the contemporary relevance of this alternative and contribute to the formulation of a theory of social transformation.


Worker-owned cooperatives

Inspired by my interests in Cole’s libertarian socialism, I am interested in theorising the transformative potential of the cooperative sector. I also wish to undertake empirical research on the cooperative sector in the UK and the Western world more generally.