Photo of Dr Charles Masquelier

Dr Charles Masquelier


Lecturer (Sociology)

Office: B 318

Office Hours:Mondays 1-2 and Tuesdays 3-4

Tel: 01392 722828

My research crosses over the disciplines of sociology, politics and philosophy. I have developed a particular interest in critical forms of sociological theorising, social movements, humanity-nature relations and alternative forms of economic and political governance. I also intend to pursue theoretical and empirical work on the cooperative sector. 





- 2017. Critique and Resistance in a Neoliberal Age: Towards a Narrative of Emancipation, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan 

- 2014. Critical Theory and Libertarian Socialism: Realizing the Political Potential of Critical Social Theory, New York: Bloomsbury



- 2017. 'Beyond Co-optation: Revisiting the transformative function of 'workers' self-directed enterprises',' Socialism and Democracy, Vol. 31(2): 53-72

- (with Dawson, M.) 2015. ‘Beyond capitalism and liberal democracy: On the relevance of G.D.H. Cole’s sociological critique and alternative,’ Current Sociology, Vol. 64(1): 3-21 

- 2013. ‘Critical Theory and Contemporary Social Movements: Conceptualising resistance in the neoliberal age,’ European Journal of Social Theory, Vol. 16(4)

- 2012. ‘Marx, the Frankfurt School, and G.D.H. Cole: Realising the Political Potential of Critical Social Theory’, Capital and Class, Vol. 36(3)


Book chapters

- 2016. ‘Unleashing the emancipatory power of the “spirit of free communal service”: G.D.H. Cole, dialogical coordination and social change,’ in Torsten R. Geelan, Marcos G. Hernando and Peter W. Walsh (eds), From Crisis to Social Change: Towards Alternative Horizons, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan – forthcoming

- (with Dawson, M.) 2015 “G.D.H. Cole: Sociology, Politics, Empowerment and ‘How to be Socially Good,’” in Law, A. and Royal Lybeck, E. Sociological Amnesia: Cross-Currents in Disciplinary History, Farnham: Ashgate