Photo of Professor Michael Hauskeller

Professor Michael Hauskeller

Research Interests


  • Transhumanism
  • Metaethics: the grounds of morality
  • The interrelation between aesthetics and morality
  • Allegedly "irrational” moral concerns
  • Moral concerns related to biotechnology
  • Philosophy of art and beauty
  • Scepticism and Common Sense
  • Philosophy of Death
  • Human-Animal Relations

Research projects:

completed: The Integrity of Living Beings as a Normative Concept

completed: Transhumanism and the Call for Human Enhancement



Research Supervision

- Transhumanism and human enhancement
- Moral concerns about the use of biotechnology
- Morality and the emotions
- Mythology and philosophical argument
- Narratives of the human
- Philosophical investigations into human nature
- Utopias and utopian aspects in philosophical thought

- Death and Meaning




Research Students

Olya K-Mehri: Intergenerational Justice. Environmental Rights in the Context of Climate Change

Peter Sjöstedt-H: Panpsychism. Elucidation, Vindication, Reformulation

Taline Papazian: Transpersonal Gratitude. Nature, Expressions, and Links

Lewis Coyne: Hans Jonas's Principle of Responsibility. Ethics and Politics in the Technological Age

Alexander Badman-King: Growing in Goodness. Towards a Symbiotic Ethics (PhD completed 2017)

James Watson: A Universal Human Dignity. Its Nature, Ground, and Limits (PhD completed 2017)

Trijsje Franssen: Contemporary Philosophical and Literary Images of the Human: Prometheus and Human Enhancement (PhD completed 2014)

Ann-Sophie Barwich: A Defence of Promiscuous Realism (cosupervised with John Dupre, PhD completed 2013)

Rishad Motlani: How Religious and Cultural Influences Shape Moral Practice (cosupervised with Mark Wynn, PhD completed 2011)