Photo of Dr Nigel Pleasants

Dr Nigel Pleasants


 I left school at 16 - as one did at the Secondary Modern school I attended (having been classified as unsuited for academic pursuits by the selection test of the tripartite education system that used to operate in the British State sector before comprehensivisation). I did various jobs for the next eight years: mink farm, road haulage company, meat-processing factory. In the last two of those years I took evening classes in 'O' level maths and 'A' level sociology (my education had supposedly given me practical life-skills, and prepared me for the world of semi-skilled work, but hadn't given me much formal qualification apart from a few CSEs). Having liked the taste of academic education, I resigned from my job in a well-known suffolk turkey processing factory (a very sweet act) to embark on a programme of full-time 'A' level study at my local Further Education College (in Lowestoft, Suffolk). I went on to do a degree in Sociology & Philosophy at the University of Bristol, and then to the University of Cambridge for an M.Phil. in Social and Political Theory, followed by a Ph.D. (A Wittgensteinian critique of critical social theory). I came to Exeter in 1997, and teach modules in sociology and philosophy.