Dr Celia Plender

Lecturer (Anthropology)

My doctoral research focused on experiences of social, political and economic change in Britain. In an era of fluctuating food prices, precarious subjectivities and environmental concerns, everyday issues such as food (a basic human need and right) become significant sites through which to offer a grounded perspective on how everyday citizens configure their social and financial worlds in relation to these changes. By focussing on two grassroots, retail food co-ops in London which were born of different eras, my research explored the ways in which each food co-op negotiated different visions and values relating to food-based politics, models of aids, practices of care and community building. Within this context, contradictory visions and practices often became intertwined – some more closely aligned with the co-operative ideal of mutual aid, others with less egalitarian models of charitable giving, or individualised practices and values of politics, aid and care.

I have been teaching on a range of courses at Exeter for the last three years and currently teach on the MA Food Studies.

Office Hours - 9-10am Wednesday, Lazenby House Room 1.02

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