Dr Astrid Schrader

Lecturer (Sociology and Philosophy)

Byrne House Tower Room

Astrid works at the intersections of Science and Technology Studies (STS), Human-Animal Studies and Feminist and Poststructuralist Theories.

She joined the University of Exeter in the autumn of 2013 as a HASS Research Fellow within the theme of Science, Technology and Culture. She previously held postdoctoral fellowships at York University, Toronto, the University of Pittsburgh and the Pembroke Center at Brown University and taught Science, Technology & Society Studies at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY. Astrid received her PhD in History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She also holds a MSc (UC Santa Cruz) and a  Diplom (TU Berlin) in physics.

Her work explores questions of responsibility, care and agency in scientific knowledge production, new ontologies, the relationship between anthropocentrism and conceptions of time, and questions of environmental justice. Astrid has been particularly interested in scientific research and policy decisions about so-called Harmful Algal Blooms. Her current project examines the scientific reconfigurations of life and death through research into programmed cell death in unicellular marine microbes. Her work has been published in the journals Social Studies of Science, Environmental Philosophy and differences. She recently co-edited (with Sophia Roosth) a special issue of differences titled “Feminist Theory out of Science” and currently works on a monograph.

Astrid is a member of Egenis and the Nambio research group.