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Niccolò Tempini

Research Fellow

Hi... I am an interdisciplinary researcher interested in understanding how our society is changing because of the diffusion and proliferation of digital information technology and data.  I am Research Fellow in Data Science at EGENIS, the Centre for the study of life sciences, part of the Department of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology at University of Exeter.

Here, in the ERC-funded project , led by Sabina Leonelli, I work to develop an understanding of the implications of data-intensive science and big data in the biomedical domain. I look at epistemic practices and information production processes with a particular interest in the role played by distributed networks and data in shaping organising, sense-making and the forms of evidence. Please consult our  for updated project news, reports, links and resources.

Following studies in Philosophy (BA, MA) and Information Systems (MSc), I was recently awarded a PhD in Information Systems at the London School of Economics and Political Science. The thesis passed, with no corrections, for my research on the management of distributed social media networks for medical scientific research involving patient self-reporting. Through the embedded case study of  – an organization that collects health data from distributed patients and uses the data for conducting medical research – I have been looking at how technology is developed to govern the patient user base and produce the information fuelling the organisation’s research business model. The research shows how medical research outcomes are linked to new infrastructural and organizational arrangements, and explores the consequences of these new socio-technical configurations. This research has been developed also through the collaboration with the Social Science, Health and Medicine department at King's College of London, to which I am affiliated, and the Citizen Participation in Science and Medicine network that I joined there.

Below you can find some selected publications (with links to downloadable pre-publication manuscripts). My  and  profiles also contain more about me. Further details can also be provided in my academic CV, available upon request. Please also find me on !

[Please you can find my publications list on my personal website here. Apologies, still a work in progress!]

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