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Dr Tom Rice


Senior Lecturer (Anthropology)

My research focuses on the anthropology of sound. My PhD was a study of the auditory culture of a London hospital. It focused on doctors' use of stethoscopic listening and other sound technologies in their diagnostic work, but it also examined the techniques of listening used by nurses in their management of ward spaces and explored the ways in which the sounds of the hospital environment became woven into patients' experiences of hospitalisation. My book on this research is entitled Hearing and the Hospital: Sound, Listening, Knowledge and Experience (Sean Kingston Publishing). I am interested in the possibilities not only of writing about sound and studying the ways in which it is used and interpreted, but also of using sound recordings in ethnographic representation. In 2011 I made a documentary for BBC Radio 4 entitled The Art of Water Music, which examined the influence of water and water sounds on music-making. You can read about and listen to the programme here: In 2015 I produced and presented a documentary entitled Govindpuri Sound for the BBC World Service. The programme explores the soundscape of the Govindpuri Slums in South Delhi. You can read about and listen to the programme here: My other interests include bioacoustics (on which I teach for Exeter's MA programnme in Anthrozoology or human-animal interactions), ethnographic filmmaking and the anthropology of institutions. I am currently PI on the ESRC Transforming Social Science grant 'Listening to the Zoo'. I am also a Co-Investigator on the Exeter Anthrozoology and Symbiotic Ethics (EASE) Working Group:

Some of my publications are listed below. Please contact me if you would like PDFs or visit



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