Dr Katharine Tyler


Lecturer (Anthropology)

OFFICE HOURS: (Amory 305) Wednesdays 9-10; Fridays 11-12


My research contributes to two areas in social anthropology and the inter-disciplinary field of critical race studies, namely, whiteness studies and everyday understandings of genetics, genealogy and ethnicity. My work is founded upon reflexive, multi-sited, residential ethnographic fieldwork within urban, suburban and semi-rural locales of Britain. I have published articles and books on the following themes: whiteness and social class; the idea of the English village as a classed and racialised space; the formation of interracial (mixed-race) identities; race and the new genetic technologies with reference to the new reproductive technologies; ethnicity, the state and collective action; Englishness, whiteness and the legacies of Empire.