Dr Katharine Tyler


Lecturer (Anthropology)

My research contributes to two areas in social anthropology and the inter-disciplinary field of critical race studies, namely, whiteness studies and everyday understandings of genetics, genealogy and ethnicity. My work is founded upon reflexive, multi-sited, residential ethnographic fieldwork within urban, suburban and semi-rural locales of Britain. I have published articles and books on the following themes: whiteness and social class; the idea of the English village as a classed and racialised space; the formation of interracial (mixed-race) identities; race and the new genetic technologies with reference to the new reproductive technologies; ethnicity, the state and collective action; Englishness, whiteness and the legacies of Empire.


With C. Degnen (eds) (2017) Reconfiguring the Anthropology of Britain: Ethnographic, Theoretical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives, the Sociological Review Monograph and to be published as a special issue of the journal of the Sociological Review
Tyler, K. (2012) Whiteness, Class and the Legacies of Empire: On Home Ground, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan
With Petersson, B. (eds.) (2008) Majority Cultures and the Everyday Politics of Ethnic Difference: Whose House is This? Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Journal Articles
With C. Degnen (2017) 'Amongst the disciplines: anthropology, sociology, intersection, and intersectionality', forthcoming in The Sociological Review Monograph ed. by C. Degnen and K. Tyler, and to be published as a special edition of the Sociological Review. With C. Degnen (2017)'Bringing Britain into being: sociology, anthropology and British Lives, The Sociological Review Monograph ed. by C. Degnen & K. Tyler, and special edition of the Sociological Review. Tyler, K (2016) "The suburban paradox of conviviality and racism in postcolonial Britain" pre-print published on Taylor & Francis Online. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/1369183X.2016.1245607.
Tyler, K (2015) Attachments and connections: a ‘white working class’ English family’s relationships with their BrAsian ‘Pakistani’ neighbours, Ethnic and Racial Studies, published on-line (January 2015)http://www.tandfonline.com/action/showAxaArticles?journalCode=rers20 to be in print in journal June issue 38, vol. 7 [received special press release by Taylor and Francis]
Tyler, K. (2012) 'The English village, whiteness, coloniality and social class',
Special issue of Ethnicities 12 (4) 427-444 (recently discussed on 'Thinking Allowed' with Laurie Taylor BBC Radio 4)
Tyler, K. (2011) 'New ethnicities and old classities: respectability and diaspora', Social Identities 17 (4) 523-42
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Tyler, K. (2008) 'Majority cultures and the everyday politics of ethnic difference'. In Petersson and Tyler (eds) pp.1-14
Written with Petersson, B. (2008) 'The making and breaking of difference: concluding thoughts'. In Petersson and Tyler (eds) pp. 226-37
Tyler, K. (2007) 'Race, genetics and inheritance: reflections upon the birth of "black" twins to a "white" IVF mother'. In Race, Ethnicity and Nation: Perspectives from Kinship and Genetics. Edited by Peter Wade, Berghahn Books, pp. 33-51 (republished in paperback in 2009)
Tyler, K. (2006) 'Village people: race, nation, class and the community spirit'. In The New Countryside? Ethnicity, Nation and Exclusion in Contemporary Rural Britain. Edited by Sarah Neal and Julian Agyeman, Bristol: Policy Press, pp. 129-48

Tyler, K (2014) White bound: nationalists, antiracists, and the shared meanings of race, Ethnic and racial studies, vol. 37, no. 10, 2014, 1986-1989
Tyler, K. (2009) 'The Everyday Language of White Racism', Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 15 (4) 860-1
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Tyler , K. (2005) 'Local Democracy and the Race-relations Amendment Act', Left Curve 29 112-13
Tyler , K. (2002) 'A Phenomenology of Working Class Experience', The Sociological Review 50 (2) 303-6

Published reports
Tyler, K. and O. Jensen (2009) Communities within communities: a longitudinal approach to minority/ majority relationships and social cohesion, ESRC
Other publications
With Jensen O. (2009) Communities within communities: reflections on belonging, ethnicity and neighbourhood relations, a twenty-page booklet summarising key findings for 'user' dissemination
Tyler, K. (2005) 'Comprehénsion publique des notions de race et de génétique: au apercu des résultats d'une récente recherché au Royaume-Uni' (see also English translation: 'A summary of findings of a project that examined public understandings of race and genetics in the UK'), Bulletin of L'Observatoire de la Génétique, Centre de bioethique, Montreal