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Photo of Dr Hannah Wheat

Dr Hannah Wheat

Research Fellow


01392 72 5136

Byrne House SF6

I am a qualitative researcher who specialises in Conversation Analysis (CA). My PhD involved using CA to examine how General Practitioners and patients interactively manage discussions relating to mental health problems during consultations. Specifically, I focused on how patients initially presented mental health problems, how GPs conveyed understanding and how sick certification for their condition was negotiated. Since then I have used CA to examine interactions between health practitioners and patients/clients in a range of different medical settings. Most recently, I used CA, at the University of Oxford, to explore whether there were identifiable interactional consequences that arose from how GPs initiated discussions about smoking and how they proceeded to offer support for a smoking cessation attempt. During my time in the Person Centred Coordinated Care (P3C) research team, at the University of Plymouth, I used mixed method approaches to help evaluate new models of care within the SW and to build P3C theory. Through interviews with, and observations of, both patients and practitioners we provided a more rich and detailed account of what our questionnaire and service data was showing. The qualitative data was invaluable to our understanding of how the services were functioning at practice level and to the content of our impact focused feedback sessions to the sites. I will be now applying these prior evidence-based research experiences, and skills, to an ethnographic project, led by Dr Dana Wilson-Kovacsexploring the use of digital forensics (DF) in the police force. I am particularly interested in the work-place culture within DF units and how DF information is communicated by different practitioners in various contexts. To see my publications, visit my profile @

Research interests

Digital Forensics, Conversation analysis, Communication, Mental Health, Primary Care, Smoking

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