Photo of Dr Dana Wilson-Kovacs

Dr Dana Wilson-Kovacs

Research Interests

I am interested in visual methods and processes of cultural production, particularly in relation to: professions and career trajectories, class and intimacy, domestic consumption and (hetero)sexual practices and identities. 

My recent research foci include professional trajectories and shifts, especially in biomedicine and biotechnology, the governance of scientific and technological innovation and local negotiations of regulation.

Research Supervision

  • The governance and application of biotechnological innovation
  • Class, gender and sexual intimacy
  • Consumption and identity 
  • Professions and work
  • Media/digital cultures

Research Students

Sigrun Einarsdottir (first supervisor Tia DeNora) Title: Bach in Everyday Life and the Performance of ‘Art Music’- The case of the Croydon Bach choir in London performing Bach’s Mass in B Minor. PhD awarded October 2012.

Louise Bezuidenhout (first supervisor Brian Rappert) Wellcome Trust-funded. Topic: Dual-use issues in life sciences. PhD awarded July 2013.

Victoria Coven (first supervisor Susan Kelly) Topic: In vitro fertilisation and multiple births:  international context and policy consideration. MPhil awarded January 2015.

David Wyatt (first supervisor Christine Hauskeller) ESRC-funded. Topic: How DNA matters: An ethnographic investigation of police practices. PhD awarded July 2015.

Rita Alberto (first supervisor Tia DeNora) Topic: Portuguese Women Rockers - identity, networks and the care of self

Sarah Smith ESRC-funded (first supervisor Tia DeNora) ESRC-funded Topic: Dance Psychotherapy, Embodied Sociology and Eating Disorders