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Photo of Miss Chee Wong

Miss Chee Wong

Executive Assistant to SPA, Administrator for Egenis


01392 726396

Centre Administrator for Egenis - The Centre for the Study of Life Sciences.

Administrator for SSIS Research Conferences and Events.

I support the Egenis Directors and members based at Byrne House, along with the varied activities which take place in the building. I have also been supporting two ERC grants and their numerous workshops and conferences. I am a sustainability coordinator and lead the Egenis Green Exeter team.

I also lead the SSIS Research Conferences and Events Team for budgeting, advice, guidance and organisation. Within this role, I also organise many but not all workshops and conferences for the college from grants to 3rd party events. Amongst the successes are: The Gulf Conference 2012, The 87th Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and Mind Association 2013, BSPS Annual Conference 2013 and The 6th Biennial Conference for the European Philosophy of Science Conference (EPSA17).

Prior to working for the University of Exeter, I was the office manager for a private coach and bus hire firm in West Sussex for 10 years. Before then my field was in costumes for theatre and television, and in soft furnishings and upholstery.

Whilst bringing up my daughters, I supported the local dance school they attended, as costume designer for full scale productions raising money for children’s charities. Productions include Alice in Wonderland and Snow White, involving and coordinating around 140 children, 30 parent volunteers, ensuring everyone was ready, in place and that everything ran to time. 

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