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Undergraduate student life

We are a small department that prides itself on its friendly and informal atmosphere.  During you time here you will have much contact with members of staff you know. Students’ enjoyment of our degrees and the environment we create is indicated by our students having consistently rated us highly for overall satisfaction in the National Student Survey. Our aim is to provide you with an opportunity to engage with a wide range of intellectual influences and exciting ideas.

Our student profiles provide more information about life in our department.


Our undergraduates have established thriving academic societies.

Sociology and Anthropology Society (SocAnt Soc), a popular, student-run society which provides an arena outside formal teaching for students to discuss sociological issues with staff and fellow students. SocAntSoc regularly invites guest speakers to help explore sociologically relevant issues, broadening Sociology students’ knowledge outside of the set curriculum. SocAntSoc also arranges various social events throughout the year, including a Christmas meal, fancy dress socials and trips to local beaches, which provide  fantastic opportunities to get to know each other.

The Philosophy Society society organises a talk every fortnight on a wide range of topics, ranging from religion to reality and science to the self. They also organise quizzes, socials, debates, trips, conferences and more!

The Sociology and Anthropology Society (SocAntSoc) is a fun, friendly and hard-working society, dedicated to making the students of these disciplines have the best time at the University of Exeter. We hold regular careers and academic talks for those interested in where Sociology and Anthropology can lead, as well as allowing students to explore careers that they are interested in. On top of that, we hold regular social events ranging from our popular Christmas party, pub quizzes and our end of year ball - so there is something for everyone in our society! Join the society to meet others on your course and have a great time!

Presidents of SocAntSoc

The Philosophy Society is unique because of the nature of the subject. Since philosophy provides the foundation (obviously or not) to all human intellectual endeavour, the Society is uniquely placed to offer speakers on a wide variety of topics and to collaborate with a wide variety of other societies and groups. It is an incredibly tight-knit group, and a very friendly and welcoming one.

Dan Mason, President of the Philosophy Society, offers you an introduction to what you can expect in the coming year. Read more.

University life and student support

You can find out more about what life is like for students on the Streatham campus and what support is available for you on the Undergraduate Study website's student life pages. The website also includes student profiles and films, which give a flavour of life on campus and in Exeter.