Attendance and Registration

Attendance is required for all classes and meetings relevant to your programme. If you cannot do so for good reasons you need to let the tutor concerned know this in advance.

  • If you have more serious problems, such as prolonged illness, it is in your own interests to inform the College Office (or the Info at St Luke's Office at St Luke's) as soon as possible since your coursework and examinations may be affected. We can offer help and take into account such problems only if you let us know what is happening with you. Medical or other kinds of third-party evidence are needed to support your case.
  • If you miss any formal examination for medical reasons a medical certificate will always be required. This includes missing any deadlines for coursework or dissertations.
  • In cases where prolonged illnesses, or other outside problems, seriously affect your ability to study the University allows for a one term extension (without charge) to your period of study. You are also free to withdraw from the University at any time during your programme. Again we can help you to get the best solution if you are facing severe difficulties. If you would like confidential advice please contact the College Office (or Info at St Luke's) in the first instance. See the University's Teaching Quality Assurance Manual for more details.