A tutor meeting

Personal Tutors and Self-Appraisal

On a day to day basis your module tutors and dissertation supervisor will give you advice on your studies. However, in addition you have your personal tutor available to offer you advice and support. You can contact him or her at any time for confidential advice about your progress. Your tutor can also direct you to the services the University offers to postgraduate students, in study skills for example.

As a tool for self-appraisal, the University operates an electronic Personal Development Planning (ePDP) system, accessible from iExeter. This is an optional tool that can be used to supplement Departmental personal tutorial systems.

You will be offered the opportunity to meet with your personal tutor to discuss your academic progress and any on-going self-reflection on your personal development. This process is confidential and not designed to be a judgement on your performance. This is a good opportunity to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and to get advice on how best to make further improvements in your studies.