Your Views on our Teaching

Just as we expect high standards from you in your work, we expect high standards of ourselves. As part of this, at the end of the teaching programme we ask you to complete questionnaires about each module that you have taken. These are done on-line and you will receive notification by email when these are available. The questionnaires contain a number of set questions about each module and also give you space for comments. No personal identifying data accompanies your replies. It is very important to us that you give us your views.

The overall results of the questionnaires are fed into a process of module review. Each tutor has to consider the results and provide a response, including concrete proposals for rectifying any problems raised and for improving the delivery of teaching. These are considered in a further review, and then feed into an assessment of the Masters programmes that we offer. We have to report this information to the University and to respond to any problems identified. The University policy on monitoring teaching can be found in the Teaching Quality Assurance Manual.