Failing Your Module

Providing a stage average of 40% (at UG level) has been achieved, failure of up to 30 credits per stage may be condoned. Students must consult the programme specification to establish whether failure in that particular module may be condoned for that programme. Normally core modules are not condonable, but check the programme specification. Condonement is the process that allows a stage to be passed despite failure to achieve 120 passed credits in the stage, provided that a stage average of at least 40% has been achieved over the 120 credits of assessment including the marks for any failed modules. Up to 30 credits can be condoned per stage, and some programmes may exempt some or all modules from condonement. On the student transcript no credit will be given for condoned marks, and such marks will be recorded in their original form. Students will not be given the opportunity of reassessment on the module(s).

Where the failure is of a module which is exempt from the condonement process, a student will normally be referred: that is, offered the opportunity to redo the assessment or take an examination (for a capped mark), without the requirement for repeat attendance. Please note that where you are required to take a referred assessment you will normally be referred in the failed element only, with the module mark capped at 40%.