Handing Work in Late or Non-submission

Please note not only the date on which work is due, but the time by which it is due. Undergraduate work submitted on the right date but after the time given will be treated as a late submission and capped at 40%. (After two weeks a mark of zero is given.) If you are handing an item in manually and not via e-submission please note that work cannot be submitted to the College Office once the office is closed. Please note that all Cornwall non-e-submission work is handed in to the ASU reception.

The standard College submission deadline for Streatham Campus is before 2:00 pm on the date given. Local arrangements in Cornwall may differ.

For specific modules there may be further penalties for the non-submission of coursework that is required but not assessed towards the final mark of the module, such as a reduction in the overall mark for the module. You should consult the relevant departmental handbook for that module, and the module template, for further information about such penalties.

Also please note that submission of assessments may count as one of the compulsory 'contact points' necessary for the continued registration of international students.

In cases where the better of two essays counts towards the module mark, the failure to produce a second essay will result in the final mark for the first essay being halved (because only half the essay work has been submitted) in the calculation of the overall module mark.

Where work is submitted which, in the opinion of the module lecturer, is merely perfunctory, and/or submitted solely with a view to avoiding the imposition of the penalties described above, it will be within the power of the lecturer to deem the work as so inadequate as to fail to amount to the submission of a serious piece of work. Where the lecturer so deems, then the above penalties will be applied.