College Facilities


The College is based on three campuses: Streatham (in Amory and the Insititute of Arabic and Islamic Studies Building); St Lukes and the Penryn Campus (in the Peter Lanyon Building). Maps of the campuses can be found here.


Notice Boards

Departmental notice boards can be found in the following locations:

  • Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies - in the foyer of the IAIS building and in the student common room
  • Law Streatham - TBC
  • Politics Streatham - in the Politics Corridor on Floor 2 of Amory Building.
  • Politics Penryn -  there are 3 Politics notice boards (year 1, 2 and 3) which are located in the corridor on Level 1 of the Peter Lanyon Building and are clearly marked accordingly.  These are general notice boards which have information on current modules/SSLC/employability events etc. The Politics Society also have their own noticeboard in the cluster.  
  • Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology - on the 3rd Floor of Amory Building outside of rooms 315 and 316 



The College does not provide photocopying facilities. We recently undertook a study into the possibility of providing such facilities at a lower cost, at the request of students. It proves impossible to provide photocopying at a lower cost than elsewhere on the University campus. In particular, the University Print Units, in Northcote House and South Cloisters on the St Luke’s Campus, offer the cheapest photocopying that can be found anywhere in Exeter, let alone the University.


IT Provision

IT equipment and courses within the University are provided by Academic Services. For details of services and the wide range of IT courses on offer please consult the Academic Services IT website.

The College does not directly provide IT support for students. Amory Building has one open access computer room with 24 hour access, located just off the foyer in room 005. St Luke’s has one open access room with 24 hour access, located in Haighton Building. Please see the Academic Services website for a complete list of open-access computer rooms.

In Penryn there is a computer clusters for Politics (27 computers shared with History)  located on the First Floor of the Peter Lanyon Building. There is a printer available in the cluster and there is a machine where students can top-up their printing credits.



For details of services please consult the library website.

Collections relevant to Law and Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies students are held in the Main University Library, the Roborough Library.  Education books are mainly held in the St Luke’s Library. In Penryn a set of Politics Journals are located on the bookshelves beside the Computer cluster on Level 1 of the Peter Lanyon Building.