Postgraduate Module Descriptor

ARAM236: Sociology and Anthropology of the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula

This module descriptor refers to the 2021/2 academic year.

Indicative Reading List

This reading list is indicative - i.e. it provides an idea of texts that may be useful to you on this module, but it is not considered to be a confirmed or compulsory reading list for this module.

Al-Rasheed, Madawi. A Most Masculine State. Gender, Politics and Religion in Saudi Arabia (Cambridge University Press, 2013).

Beaugrand, Claire. Stateless in the Gulf: Migration, Nationality and Society in Kuwait (I. B. Tauris, 2017).

Bsheer, Rosie. ‘Whither Arabian Peninsula Studies?’, in A. Ghazal and J. Hanssen (eds). The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Middle Eastern and North African History (Oxford University Press, 2015).

Carapico, Sheila (ed.). Arabia Incognita: Dispatches from Yemen and the Gulf (Just World Books, 2016).

Elsheshtawy, Yasser. Temporary Cities. Resisting Transience in Arabia (Routledge, 2019).

Khalaf, Abdulhadi, Omar Alshehabi and Adam Hanieh (eds). Transit States. Labour, Migration and Citizenship in the Gulf (Pluto Press, 2014).

Lori, Noora. Offshore Citizens. Permanent Temporary Status in the Gulf (Cambridge University Press, 2019).

Menoret, Pascal. Joyriding in Riyadh. Oil, Urbanism and Road Revolt (Cambridge University Press, 2014).