Postgraduate Research Student Handbook

The Postgraduate Research Student Handbook‌ provides details and rules relating to a wide variety of aspects of the research student experience. If you are in doubt about any policy or expectation, the handbook is a good place to start looking for an answer.

The contents list below gives you a guide to what is included:

1. Introduction

2. The Graduate Research School

      2.1. Directors of Doctoral Studies
      2.2. Communication
      2.3. Types of Research Degree

3. Registration, Induction, Attendance, Change of Status

      3.1. Registration
      3.2. Induction
      3.3. Attendance and Workloads
      3.4. Change of Status (Mode of Attendance, Interruptions & Withdrawals)
      3.5. Continuation Status

4. Distance-Based Study

     4.1. Attendance at UoE Campuses
     4.2. Facilities
     4.3. Intranet
     4.4. Postgraduate Liaison Fora

5. Research Supervision

     5.1. Code of Practice
     5.2. Supervisory Teams
     5.3. Mentors
     5.4. Shared Understanding: What Can you Expect?
     5.5. Feedback
     5.6. Recording Supervisory Meetings - MyPGR
     5.7. Change of Supervisor
     5.8. Study Leave of Supervisor
     5.9. Gifts and Personal Relationships

6. Student Academic Progress

     6.1. Annual Progress Monitoring (AMR)
     6.2. Upgrade from MPhil/ MbyRes to PhD Status
     6.3. Unsatisfactory Academic Progress
     6.4. Maximum Period of Study and Completion

7. Submission, Examination and Completion

     7.1. Nomination of Examiners
     7.2. Submission
     7.3. Examination – the Viva
     7.4. Outcomes of the Viva
     7.5. Completion

8. Research Training and Skills

     8.1. Research Training
     8.2. Research Training Needs Analysis
     8.3. Ethics Approval
     8.4. Research Undertaken Outside the UK

9. Research, Writing and Thesis Requirements

     9.1. Research and Writing
     9.2. Requirements of a Research Thesis
     9.3. Format of the Thesis and Referencing
     9.4. Academic Integrity and Avoiding Plagiarism
     9.5. Research Data Management and Open Access

10. Student Participation, Seminars and Conferences and Teaching Opportunities

     10.1. Student Participation
     10.2. Postgraduate Research Liaison Fora
     10.3. SSIS Postgraduate Research Conference
     10.4. GSE Staff-Student Conference
     10.5. Other Seminar Series
     10.6. Postgraduate Teaching Assistant (PTA) Work

11. Funding and Finance

     11.1. Research Students’ Allowance
     11.2. Hardship Funds

12. Student Support and Facilities

     12.1. Workspace
     12.2. IT Facilities
     12.3. Photocopying and Printing
     12.4. Library and Inter-Library Loans (ILL)
     12.5. Common Rooms and Social Space
     12.6. English Language Support
     12.7. Other Sources of Help and Support
     12.8. Health and Safety
     12.9. Equality and Diversity
     12.10. Harassment
     12.11. Problems and Complaints

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