Teaching opportunities

We recognise that the opportunity to gain teaching experience in the course of your doctoral studies is often an important part of your professional development.

Our departments try to provide all students with an opportunity to teach during their studies (except for the Graduate School of Education where there are no undergraduate teaching programmes). Teaching rates are set centrally by the University and reviewed annually.

All students who teach are required to attend the University’s Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Programme. This will inspire you to think creatively about a range of aspects of learning and teaching in higher education. You’ll be encouraged to make connections between your own experience and those of others involved in teaching and learning, and to develop your skills in planning, classroom management and communication for learning.

The programme is offered in two stages:

  • Stage 1: This is a one-day intensive course aimed at all postgraduate research students who are expecting to teach. This is a one-day intensive course. You will be advised by your supervisor whether this is sufficient, given the nature of your role, or whether you are required to progress to Stage 2. 
  • Stage 2: consists of five two-hour sessions, and provides a more in depth exploration of your teaching role. You will have the option of an assessment and depending on successsful completion will earn the status of Associate of the Higher Education Academy and to use the letters AHEA after your name.

Visit the Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Programme web pages for more information.