Law students take part in a student staff liaison committee.

Student participation

As developing researchers, and often teachers, postgraduate students make a very significant contribution to the academic, intellectual and social life of the School.

We place great emphasis on your participation in attending and organising seminars and conferences, in presenting and discussing your work and the work of your peers. We also have a Postgraduate Student Staff Liasion Committee which is made up of staff and student representatives and is chaired by a student member elected by the committee.

Student representatives are drawn from the different disciplines represented across the School and from both taught and research programmes. This committee is an important means by which students can voice their views and concerns about their studies, and influence the development of policy regarding postgraduate matters. The group exists to enable students and staff jointly to participate in the management and improvement of postgraduate provision within the School. It serves as an arena in which students can identify and communicate any concerns and have them fed into the decision-making processes within the Graduate School.