Eligibility to Study Abroad


Most of our partner universities teach in English. However our partners in France, Germany and Spain teach in their respective languages.

If you are going to a university where you will be studying in a foreign language, you must be able to understand the language well enough to follow lectures and tutorials.

We expect students applying for these universities to have:

  • Studied the language at A-level (or equivalent)
  • Continued studying the language through the Foreign Language Centre and to have reached advanced level (Advanced Level 1).

If you are going to a country where the local language is not English (but teaching is in English), you may wish to study the local language as part of your programme there. We would encourage you to do this.

Minimum grade requirement

Students applying to study abroad should be getting marks averaging 60 or above. Usually this is a requirement set by the host university.

Research and Preparation

It is absolutely essential that you thoroughly research your choice of partner university. As part of the application process we will want to see evidence that you have done this research, and have taken steps to prepare yourself for your year abroad. It is your responsibility to ensure that the partner university you apply for is somewhere that you want to study at for a year, and will teach modules that fit in with your programme and interest you.

There are various steps you should take to ensure you are well informed about the partner universities you are interested in:

  • Read the information on the Outbound Go Abroad website
  • Explore in depth the partner university's website
  • Read learning logsfrom past students
  • Contact students who have returned from their year abroad
  • Meet with students who are visiting here from the partner university
  • Join the Erasmus Society

The Outbound Study Abroad team have produced a check-list of things you should research before going abroad.

Researching your placement handbook - 2019/20

Application process

Degree programme

How you apply depends on your subject.

Programme/Subject How to apply
Combined honours with Modern Languages If you are on a combined honours course with a modern European language, then you will already have provision for an Erasmus year within your degree, and the arrangements for your year abroad will be made by Modern Languages.
Single or combined honours including Arabic Students in IAIS will be contacted at the appropriate time by their department.
Politics, International Relations, Sociology, Philosophy or Anthropology Via the 'Apply' button on the Exeter Go Abroad website
Law with European Study Via the 'Apply' button on the Exeter Go Abroad website
Law with International Study Via the 'Apply' button on the Exeter Go Abroad website

For any questions or further information relating to CSSIS Study Abroad applications, please contact ssis-studyabroad@exeter.ac.uk