Application Process: Politics/IR, Sociology, Philosophy or Anthropology Application Process

The Study Abroad application process follows this approximate timetable

When What


A meeting will be held in order to tell all interested students about the options for studying abroad.


You are advised to arrange to meet the Study Abroad co-ordinator in person to discuss your application.

15th January

Deadline for internal online application.


Students are told which destination university they can go to.

Before Easter

Meeting with students to explain about next stage in the application. Successful year-abroad applicants who are still on a three-year programme change across to the four-year equivalent.


Deadline for returning completed application forms to be sent to partner universities.


Compulsory pre-departure briefing


Go abroad!

Internal Application Form

Students wishing to study abroad must first complete an internal online application process. The Study Abroad co-ordinator and the International Office will go through all the applications in order to decide which students can go to which partner university. Slightly over half of students get to go to their first choice, but this depends on the number and quality of applications each year.

The online application can be found at

We will allocate places according to your first-year results.

Many of the places for Social Sciences students are shared with the College of Humanities and the Flexible Combined Honours programme. The SSIS Study Abroad co-ordinator will meet with the co-ordinators from those Colleges, and decide which students will be allocated to which places. Preference will be given to students with the highest first-year marks.