Information for Inbound Students

Welcome to the College of Social Sciences & International Studies! Our areas of study include Arab & Islamic Studies, Law, Politics, International Relations, Criminology, Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology.

We invite incoming exchange students to take a range of our modules. This page aims to give you some guidance on how to choose these modules and put together your study plan.

Course units

One semester students must take 60 Exeter credits. This is equivalent to 30 ECTS credits. You cannot take TRM1&2 modules as these spread over both semesters.

Full year students must take 120 Exeter credits (60 credits per semester). This is equivalent to 60 ECTS credits for the academic year. One Exeter credit is worth 0.5 ECTS. 

Most of our modules are either 15 credits (if they run for one semester) or 30 credits (for a full year). You would therefore usually take 4 modules per semester.

Understanding course codes

The three letters at the start of each course code represent the subject area. In the College of Social Sciences & International Studies, these are:

  • ANT – Anthropology
  • ARA – Arab & Islamic Studies
  • LAW – Law
  • PHL – Philosophy
  • POL – Politics & International Relations
  • SOC – Sociology

The initial number indicates the level of the course unit – POL1019 is a first year module in Politics, LAW2132 is a second year module in Law, and SOC3092 is a third year module in Sociology.

Modules coded POC are Politics modules taught at the Penryn campus in Cornwall. Please only select these modules if you are studying at Penryn during your time here. You cannot study at both the Exeter (Streatham/St. Lukes) AND Penryn campuses.

Choosing modules

A full list of modules taught within the College of Social Sciences & International Studies can be found:


*Politics Undergraduate Modules 2019-20

*Sociology, Anthropology and Philosophy Undergraduate Modules 2019-20

*Arab & Islamic Studies Undergraduate Modules 2019-20

*Law Undergraduate Modules 2019-20


Modules for the next academic year will be updated mid-March. You may also choose modules outside of the College. Please contact the relevant contact here  for further information.

However, please note the following guidance concerning limitations in module space:


  • Core Law modules are not available to inbound students. 
  • Law modules are only open to students who have studied Law for the past 2 years, as most of the modules on offer are at level 3. If you are unsure as to whether you are eligible to take a Law module or not, please email for clarification.

Arab and Islamic Studies

  • Language modules (Persian, Turkish, Arabic and Indonesian) have very limited space

Politics & International Relations

  • There is very limited space on level 2 and level 3 modules (coded POL2XXX or POL3XXX)
  • We therefore suggest that students select level one modules (coded POL1XXX)

Sociology, Philosophy & Anthropology

Core modules are likely to have the most available space. Please follow the below links for details of which modules are core (listed as ‘compulsory’ on these pages)

 Criminology-related modules can be found under this department.


Hopefully the information on this page will give you an indication of the modules available within the College. However, please be aware that the availability and specifications of modules may be subject to change between now and the start of teaching. The timetable is not finalised until near the start of term, so it is not possible to confirm the exact timings of classes until then.

If a module you are due to take does change, or you have clashes on your timetable, don't worry! You have a short period of time (2 weeks) when you arrive in Exeter where you can change modules - speak to your Study Abroad Co-ordinator for more information and to discuss your options.


Inbound Handbook 

Please take the time to read the SSIS Inbound Student Handbook before/on arrival. This Handbook covers topics such as mitigation, module selection and contact details. 

For students arriving in 2019-20: Inbound Study Abroad Handbook 2019-20

For students currently studying at Exeter:Inbound Study Abroad Handbook 2018-19

Alternative Assessments

Semester 1 only students are automatically given alternative assessments for modules in this college, so that they do not have to return in January for the exam period. If you wish to take the exam, you will have to inform the department when you arrive in Exeter.

Please note: this is not the case for all colleges, therefore do not book your return flights until you have spoken to each college that your modules are based in. 

If you have any questions please contact the Global Opportunities Team at -

The above information is specific to the College of Social Sciences and International Studies.  For generic information for inbound students, please refer to the Inbound Study Abroad webpages